Guided Spooky Tours

Spooky Tours of Samlesbury Hall, Browsholme Hall and Townley Hall.
Samlesbury Hall (1 hour)

Samlesbury Hall was built in 1322 and over the years has witnessed two murders, three suspicious deaths, a beheading, a suicide and some acts of pure cruelty.

As we explore this national treasure every room will convey a different story.

The white lady who lost her life due to a broken heart, her ghost is a frequent visitor. Upstairs the priest room, scene of an execution in 1584 and chillingly blood still stains the floor.

The long gallery is where the Samlesbury Hall witches were bound and taken to Lancaster to stand trial alongside the Pendle witches in 1612.
Late night sounds of ghostly footsteps and creaking floorboards can be heard of young Harrison who took his own life in the 1870s.

This tour is a must for those who enjoy ghost stories and the thrill of walking the floorboards of an 800 year historic building.

Cost: £10.00 per adult and £5.00 for Children under 13.
Please call 07879 231705, email or use our contact page for a quote.
Browsholme Hall (1 hour)

Browsholme Hall is the family home of the Parkers and has been since the building was first constructed in 1507.

Browsholme Hall Doorway

The Hall has some very interesting artefacts that all have engaging stories behind them. Such as, a human skull that must never see the light of day, and is under lock and key.

The remains of the German L31 Zeppelin shot down at Potters Bar WW1, Civil war artefacts and a leather jerkin worn by Captain Thomas Whittingham in 1644.

You will find letters of protection from Cromwell’s hand, Martini Henry's rifles and Bonny Prince Charlies duelling pistols are also on display.

Every room does have a story spanning over the centuries, as you will discover during your visit.

This tour will look at the more spooky and mysterious side of the hall.

Cost £12.00 per adult and £6.00 for Children under 13.
This will include tea and coffee after your tour.
Please call 07879 231705, email or use our contact page for a quote.
Towneley Hall (1 hour)

Towneley Hall is the ancestral home of the Towneley family.

Discover and explore this historic home with the adventures of heroes, villains, ghosts and mysteries. The hall has a connection with the catholic faith and has a hidden priest bolt hole and Long gallery.

You will hear stories of the heart, incredible bravery, beheadings and the odd curse.

This tour is a must for those of you who enjoy story telling of a spooky nature.

The stories do cover many centuries of blood, gore and horror interspersed with some humour.

Cost: £10.00 per adult and £5.00 for Children under13.
This will include tea and coffee.
Please call 07879 231705, email or use our contact page for a quote.

Tour guide: Mr. Simon Entwistle of Top Hat Tours.

Spooky Tours

Raising the Roof Productions in association with Samlesbury Hall and Simon Entwistle have produced a short 26 minute film covering the sinister happenings surrounding the lesser known Samlesbury Witches and their subsequent trial.

Filmed in and around the spectacular Pendle countryside and on location at the historical Samlesbury Hall.

Samlesbury Hall Browsholme Hall Simon Browsholme Hall Townley Hall

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