Pendle Witch Coach Tour

Pendle Witch Coach Tour Experience

Join our mini bus guided tours of the Pendle Witch villages, including Downham, Barley, Newchurch, Roughlee, Barrowford and Colne, taking in the whole story of the 1612 travesty.

Tours start from the Clitheroe Interchange at 10:00am and finishing back in Clitheroe for 1:00pm.

The following tour dates cost £22.00 per person.

The full day tours including Lancaster Castle can be arranged at £30.00 per person, starting from the Clitheroe Interchange at 10:00am and finishing back in Clitheroe for 4:30pm.

Pendle Witch Coach Tour is ideal for Mini Bus and 30 seater coach travel.

Visit many of the areas associated with the Pendle Witches and the 1612 witch trials.

In the autumn of 1612, twenty persons, of whom sixteen were women of various ages, were committed for trial, and most of them tried for witchcraft.

This tour will visit Barley, Newchurch, Blacko, Gisburn, Roughlee and Newchurch in Pendle. And include a visit to the Barrowford visitor centre and the Witches Galore gift shop located in Newchurch village.

A brief history:

It was whilst walking to Colne for market day that the so called Pendle witch, 18 year old Alizon Device, had a fateful meeting with the pedlar, John Law. It was this meeting on 18 March 1612 which precipitated events. It led to nine people from Pendle being hanged as witches at Lancaster Castle, over 400 years ago.

Pendle Witch Coach Tour

Our journey begins from Clitheroe and the first call is to view the still standing home of the so called Pendle witch Jennet Preston.

Following the witch trail to Colne and visiting market cross the scene of the cursing of John Law.

From Colne to Roughlee where you can view a statue of Alice Nutter and her home. Her life and times are fascinating.

We visit the site of a recently discovered cottage, believed to be one of the Pendle witches, found by water engineers in 2012 near Lower Black Moss reservoir in the village of Barley. Some historians believe this to be the location of Malkin tower.

Into the village of Newchurch in Pendle and we make a call to the Witches Galore gift shop, the shop has available many books and DVD's associated with the 1612 witch trials.

You may also like to visit the cemetery famous for its connection with the theft of human teeth to make clay pictures of victims.

Leaving Newchurch in Pendle we pass the quarry, where legend has it, the witch Anne Whittle met her Familiar and sold herself to the creature.

The coach will then make its way back to Clitheroe.

There is an extended version of this tour that will take in Lancaster City castle, or Samlesbury Hall, both are associated with the Pendle witches.

Tour 1 - Pendle witch villages and visit Witches Galore gift shop.

Tour 2 - Pendle witch villages and Lancaster city castle. This is a full day tour.

Tour 1 and 2
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Tour guide: Mr. Simon Entwistle of Top Hat Tours.

Pendle Witch

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