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Kendal Ghost Walk (One Hour)

Your adventure begins at the Rifleman’s Arms, Beast Banks.

Westmorland county hospital and the ghostly story of John Burrows.

Serpentine Woods, the scene of a very nasty 1917 murder and ghostly footsteps.

Sepulchre Lane for stories of the Crimean war and a ghostly old inn called the Square Rule.

The Yard and scene of murdered Victorian police officer john groves.

Market Cross and the story of the Jacobite rebellion and the stone where the young pretender stood and claimed to be the King of England.

Finishing at the Rifleman’s Arms, Beast Banks and a very modern ghostly story.

Cost £5.00 per adult and £2.50 per child.
Please call 07879 231705, email or use our contact page for a quote.

Whalley Ghost Walk (One Hour 15 Minutes)

Your adventure starts at the 1781 Swan Hotel, which is haunted by the tormented ghost of Mary Lane who sadly took her own life at the inn in 1843.

All Saints church, scene of body snatching in 1812, also of an ancient sanctuary knocker and its connection with witchcraft. A short distance away is the grave of Roger Nowell, the magistrate responsible for the Pendle witch trials of 1612.

Whalley Abbey abolished in 1536, and the execution of Abbott John Paslew who was hung drawn and quartered.

Eye witness accounts of the Abbey White Lady ghost and her connection with the road known as The Sands.

The western gate house for stories of Highwayman Dick Turpin and the First World War hero John Heskett.

At the village centre our last story of gore and horror.

Cost: £5.00 per adult and £2.50 per child.
Meals can be booked at the Swan Hotel or the Dog Inn if required.
Please call 07879 231705, email or use our contact page for a quote.

Tour guide: Mr. Simon Entwistle of Top Hat Tours.

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